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Subway Art for the LLS March 23, 2012

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I have an awesome friend who has graciously donated 5, 2×3 feet Subway Signs to be auctioned off for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. These are awesome signs and you can see the rest on my personal facebook page. Some of them have different phrases as well. Bidding starts at $20 and you can bid by commenting on the pictures on my facebook page. These normally sell for $65-$95 so you could end up with a steal of a deal! Don’t miss out, auction is only going till 9pm TONIGHT!!


Thanks, Heidi, for your generosity! 100% of the money that comes in from these will be going to the LLS!





Why the break + Love {by Riant} March 6, 2012

We’re back!! February was such a great month of focusing on family and seeking God. Here’s a little back info on why we took some time away from Riant.

One thing that continues to surprise us is how emotionally taxing running Riant can be. I wouldn’t give it up, but when you own a small business it’s like you’re living your life on your sleeve…I think this is especially true when your business is in the arts. Art is a reflection of who you are, and therefore your business, your brand, your philosophies are a direct reflection of a very deep part of yourself. I think it’s safe to say that many of us photographers have a hard time not taking business personally because we put everything we’ve got and everything we are into what we do. Our business IS us. Leading up to our break in February, I was feeling so guilty as a mom because I was doing things like playing “Toy Story” over and over again in hopes that it would entertain Miles long enough for me to put even 50% of me into Riant. It usually didn’t work because he loves being in the office, and the office has way too many things for him to get into, so I was often left frustrated and feeling like a failure. I felt like a failure because I couldn’t/wasn’t giving 100% to anything in my life. I was raised to always strive to do my best, and I wasn’t – at all. It was becoming very clear that we just needed to step back, enjoy our awesome kid, and reflect on Riant. And that, we did. Now we’re ready to roll and excited for whatever adventures lie ahead!

To you all, we say THANK YOU!! You guys allowed us to step back without feeling awful for doing so. We are blessed by our friends, family, and clients!

As we’ve mentioned before, we’ve made some changes to what we shoot here at Riant. We are focusing on Love (couples, weddings), Seniors, and SASS (boudior), with some hopes to dabble in a few other areas (commercial? fashion?) sometime in the next year. To kick off being back at it and excited to get out and shoot again, we’re offering a pretty sweet deal on Love {by Riant} shoots! Let us encourage you to not think inside the box for these pictures! We think it’s so sad that couples think one of the only times they should get pictures together is when they’ve just gotten engaged! Life has got so much going on and our love grows, changes, matures and we think that celebrating that with a gorgeous photo shoot together is perfect! So step out of that box and treat yourselves to a photo shoot JUST BECAUSE you love each other! Lets get this party started and take over Spokane with a butt-load of sappy love couples workin it for the camera!

Alright, here are the details on the special. We would really love to get some new fans this month, so if you would share this info with your friends and family we’d feel pretty special!

Love {by Riant}  |  March Special

Up to 2 hour shoot on location

3 digital files

20% off prints ordered in the first week

Personalized Blog Post

$320+ value for just $175!

This special must be purchased by March 23rd and must be used by June 30th! We prefer to shoot weekdays, 2 hours prior to sunset, but do have a few weekend slots available. Email us at riant@riantphotography.com to reserve your spot (minimum 50% non-refundable deposit required), as we can only take up to 10 couples! Oh, and yes, you will have the option to purchase the disc, with copyright, of all the finished photos. Refer a friend that books with us and receive a free 11×14 print on our gorgeous metallic paper! From the Seattle area or Tri-Cities area? You can get in on this too! If our schedules line up and you’re available when we make trips into town, the travel fees are on us! Otherwise, there will be an added expense for gas.

Lots of love & appreciation,



Time to Refresh February 2, 2012

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After lots of talking and praying, we’ve decided that we’ll be taking the month of February off. There are lots of reasons behind this decision, which I won’t be getting into, but the goal of it is to spend time with our quickly growing son, get caught up with work that is already piled up, get re-organized, update the “behind the scenes” aspects of the business, and to come back feeling rejuvenated and full of creativity and excitement.


We hope that February will be a month of refreshing that benefits us as well as you, our clients when we return! If you already have a shoot planned with us, don’t worry, it’s still on. But we won’t be taking any more shoots the month of February and will only be checking email and facebook a few times.


We’re looking forward to slowing down and smelling the roses, and hope that you have a very blessed February!




Riant Top Models : Ladies, class of 2013, apply to be a senior rep! January 19, 2012

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I’m gonna keep this short. Hopefully. We’ve realized that there are 3 things that we love to shoot here at Riant, and one of those is Seniors. Specifically, senior girls. Boys, you’re great and all, but I, Tiff, have a huge heart for girls and encouraging them. I’m so thankful that I can use my skill of photography to empower and build confidence in women. You’re all beautiful in your own way and I LOVE brining that out during a shoot!

But, enough of the mushy stuff. I’ll get down to business. We are currently looking for Top Models for our rep program. We will be taking 1-2 girls, depending on how big the school, from each of the area schools. We’re looking for ladies that love to have their picture taken, are outgoing, and a positive influence in their school. As a whole, we’ll only be taking 12-20 (that’s including reps!) seniors this year so that we can really invest in each girls experience. So, don’t miss out on booking with us!! We’re sure to get you photos that are unlike others out there and we’ll make your senior photos such a fun and positive experience that you’ll wish you could do it once a week :).

What’s being a Top Model all about? Well, you’re guaranteed a shoot with us and you get some swag and discounts along the way. Your session fee is the same as everyone else ($200 for a 2hr shoot), but you do get $75 off the disc of all your images. You also receive $10 cash or $20 print credit for each person you refer to us and books. This year we’re also looking into getting our Top Models awesome Riant shirts, and not the baggy, gross kind, but the fitted, super cute kind. You’re gonna be jealous once you see them if you don’t have one :).  We do require our reps to shoot in the winter months so they can start spreading the word, but also offer a mini-senior shoot (30mins-1hr) in the Spring/Summer to them for $75 should they really want to get photos later in the year.


If you haven’t, you can find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RiantPhotography


If you’re interested in being a Top Model, please contact us at riant@riantphotography.com with the answers to the following questions:

1. What do you think makes you a good fit for Riant?

2. Describe yourself in 5 words.

3. How do you give back to those around you?

4. Why do you want to do your photos with Riant?

Alright, there you have it. I’d encourage you apply right away if you’re interested as we’ll take applications as we get them and will be trying to make decisions fairly quickly.

Not interested in being a rep but want pictures with us? We’re booking now, so contact us today to reserve your spot!!

2012 Seniors & Best Friends


Helping & Teaching January 9, 2012

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As I flip the pages of my journal I notice something. It’s something that my heart has been wrestling with for awhile but I’ve been to afraid to admit. But as I read my entires it’s so obvious that it’s a real stumbling block in my life. I’m holding myself back from experiencing Gods glory to the fullest because I’m afraid and selfish.


“Lord, help me…” This is as deep as I go, and this is my biggest problem and most self-destructive habit. Over and over again I asked the Lord to help me. Help me be a better business woman. Help me to know how to raise Miles to love you. Help me to be a more loving and respectful wife. Help me, help me, help me. I know some of you are thinking what I’ve always allowed myself to think, “Those are great prayers. What’s wrong with asking God for help?” And you’re right, those are important prayers, often necessary prayers, and those prayers aren’t the real problem here.


The problem is this: I know that God wants to do more than help me, he wants to TEACH me, but I’m too scared to pray that prayer. I convince myself that by praying “Lord help me” I’m being open and honest with him, opening my heart up for change, for His will, and his power in my life. But Him and I both know that I need to learn, by his teaching, how to do all He’s called me to be and to do.


I rely on help because there is no pain, no learning curve, no stretching of your faith, abilities, and emotions. When I ask for help, I know in my heart that I’m asking God to just sweep in and make everything roses and sunshine while I stand by and reap the benefits. While I know God is capable of such things if he thinks it’s good, I also know that He sees the bigger picture. I can just imagine Him thinking to himself, “I want to bless you. You think you just need my help, but if you allow me to teach you, the blessing will be so much greater than you can imagine. By teaching you I’m not only helping you, but EQUIPPING you. The blessing extends so much further when you allow me to take you a step further in teaching rather than just helping. Trust me.”


So today I put aside the fear of being taught by having to do things like give up something I love, persevere through something that I think may be too hard, or pursue something that seems to huge, and I look ahead to what He’s capable of. Today I pray, “Lord, TEACH me.”


2012 Wedding Package Special! January 1, 2012

It’s here! The packages that will be the best steal of the year with Riant! We love, love, love weddings and each year for the month of January we try to help couples out by offering packages with lots of great stuff and even better, lots of savings. A reminder that we  won’t be taking more than 8 weddings this year due to an already packed schedule (Paul graduates, there will be traveling for rotations, and we’ll be figuring out where he will work and where we will LIVE!! {Side note, can you be praying for God’s will for a future job for Paul and what city He wants us to live in?}) and a deep desire to better serve a handful of couples rather than over-commit with lots of couples. Geez, that was a long sentence, hopefully you followed it!


If you’re looking for a photographer for your wedding and you don’t know much about us, let me give you a little insight. We’re Paul and Tiffany. Married 6 years. 1 rad kid named Miles, 13 months old. I love to run, Paul used to. He’s now in school full time studying to be a Physician Assistant, he’s going to be amazing at it. I’m working on finding the balance of being a business owner and a mom. I hope to always grow and to always get better at both. I love football, Paul loves cooking. We both love the sun, the beach, and family days. My new adventure this last year was branching out to shooting boudoir (aka SASS {by Riant}) and I LOVE doing it! Paul’s new adventures consisted of removing toenails, giving physical exams that most of us probably would never want to give, and doing his best to avoid catching every cold and flu bug that came into the office. I’m crazy about lululemon, purses/bags, lipgloss, Gilmore Girls, coffee and chocolate. Paul is into food, video games, & watching movies, but most his time is currently spent doing wonderful homework.


And what makes us special as photographers you ask? Well, we like to think we’re different. Our goal when we’re shooting is to draw out beauty and drama from the so-called ordinary. You see a run-down building, we see the prefect backdrop. You see a white wall, we see gorgeous light reflecting off it. You see a chain-link fence, we see, dare we say it, a sweet spot for a sexy pose. We go for what we call a “fusion of drama and romance.” We’re kinda high-energy but low-key at the same time, we like to laugh, and pride ourselves in making people feel more comfortable in front of a camera than they thought possible.


Enough, enough you say. Just get to the package specials! I will, after a few “fine-print” details. These prices are ONLY GOOD IF BOOKED BY JANUARY 31st. A $500 deposit and signed contract are required to reserve your date. First come, first served. If you book us for a wedding in March or April, you’re extra lucky and get to take an additional $100 off the package of your choice! We do travel, but there are extra expenses involved, email for details. We do accept cash, check or credit card.

Our Super Sweet 2012 Wedding Specials:

Package #1:

7 hours of coverage

(1) 16 x20 and (2) 8×10 prints

A 20 page, pearl-finished, 8×10 coffee table book

50 finished images on disc with copyright

50% off print orders placed in 1st week of job being posted

A free engagement session with a mini-Riant Book from the shoot

Cost: $2500 plus tax (almost $500 in savings!)

Package #2

8hrs of coverage

(1) 16×20 and (2) 11×14 prints

30 page, pearl-finished, 8×10 coffee table book

ALL finished images on disc with copyright

50% off print orders placed in 1st week of job being posted

Free Engagement Session with Riant Brag Book from shoot

Cost: $3400 plus tax (just under $1000 in savings!!)

There you have it! Some great deals to start off what is going to be an incredible year! If these packages don’t meet your needs, email us and we can send you our regular rates. Wanna get to know each other? Lets chat over coffee! Contact us at riantphotography@gmail.com to book or with questions!

Happy New Year and HAPPY PLANNING!!

:)paul, tiff, & miles!

Some 2011 Favs!

Adam & Emily {Engagement}

Megan {Wedding}

Adam & Megan {Wedding}

Bob & Lauryn {TTD}

Bob & Lauryn {TTD}

Bob & Lauryn {TTD}

Bob & Lauryn {TTD}

Adam & Emily {Engagement}

Daniel & Katie {Wedding}

Daniel & Katie {Wedding}

Daniel & Katie {Wedding}

Daniel {Wedding}

Daniel & Katie {Wedding}

Katie {Wedding}

Daniel & Katie {Wedding}

Adam & Emily {Wedding}

Adam & Emily {Wedding}

Adam & Emily {Wedding}

Adam & Emily {Wedding}

Adam & Emily {Wedding}

Adam & Emily {Wedding}

Wade & Sarah {Wedding | Vegas}

Wade & Sarah {Wedding | Vegas}

Wade & Sarah {Wedding | Vegas}

Wade & Sarah {Wedding | Vegas}

Wade & Sarah {Wedding | Vegas}

Wade & Sarah {Wedding | Vegas}

Wade & Sarah {Wedding | Vegas}

Adam & Emily {TTD}

Adam & Emily {TTD}

Adam & Emily {TTD}

Adam & Emily {TTD}

Adam & Emily {TTD}

Adam & Emily {TTD}

Adam & Emily {TTD}


SASS {by Riant} Looking For 2 More Ladies! December 23, 2011

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Hey Ladies! I could really use some help right now! I’ve got a SASS event scheduled for Jan. 7th with 3 very excited ladies signed up, but I really need 2 more girls to make it work (because the hours I need for light, I have to book the room for 2 nights, and it takes 5 girls to make it work for me). I really want these ladies to have the true SASS experience, so I’m asking all of you who believe in SASS, and those who have already been a part of SASS for a little extra help on this one! Please read below for how you can help and some incentives for doing so! A huge thanks from the bottom of my heart and lots of love!


SASS update:

Ok, so here’s where I am at. Because these SASS events require me to book 2 nights at the hotel, I have to book at least 5 girls to make it work. So far I’m at 3. In order to keep this event running smoothly I need 2 more girls! Can you help by telling all your friends about it? Don’t know how to tell them about it? Just invite them to be a part of the SASS group, or point them to this blog post: http://wp.me/pybA9-he

If you get a friend to book, I’ll give you a free print from your session (up to an 11×14 size). SASS is all about beauty, feeling empowered as women, and blessing the men in our lives with a truly special, unique, and raw gift. My hope is that you are so excited about SASS that you are anxious to tell all your friends about it!

So what happens if we don’t get 2 more girls? Well, my first pick would be to move everyone up in time. Meaning, the first girl would have to go at 8 so I could get each one in and only have the room for one night (I have to check out by noon at the latest). While this is doable, it’s not ideal. So please help spread the word! I realize that planning it right after the holidays when everyone is slightly broke wasn’t the brightest idea of mine, but I wanted to make it possible for women to gift their pictures for Valentine’s day.

Thanks for your time and help!
Be your own kind of beautiful,